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Vanderbilt Hills Muck, please come check it out!

I love to play on Muds and mucks and even one Moo. I recently opened my own Muck, the Vanderbilt Hills Muck It's great! Lots of ansi, has a builtin webserver, pueblo support, and lots of FUN! I am Skeetre there and on Delusions... it's one of my favorites. I have a Surf Shop and a Castle and I have my own beach on there. Check 'em out sometime. And the one Moo I go to is Ghostwheel. It's a cool moo to go to when you want to relieve some of your frustrations by killing a few belliforia's or executioner birds... I'm Skeeter there...

I also host a moo, Lost Ages Moo

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The MUD list (my own list)MUDS!

The following site provides an excellent history of MUDS and links to all kinds of mud topics:

This site is an excellent source of FAQs, MUD lists, newsgroups, and MUD-specific home pages:

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