Skeetre's Mud List

Sorry I haven't updated the page lately... keep sending more votes and ideas, and I promise to get them on here.. hopefully I can redo the whole page in the next couple weeks :)

  1. Vanderbilt Hills MUCK 8081
  2. Lost Ages MOO 6969
  3. Ghost Wheel 6969
  4. Delusions 4999(Newest Addy)
  5. 1138
  6. Yggdrasil 4201
  7. Anime 2035
  8. Nails 5150
  9. Legacy Muck (cool theme!) 9999
  10. Furry 8888
  11. Furtoonia 9999
  12. Unbridled Desires 8888
  13. Tiny Tim 5440 IT'S BACK!
  14. Global Mush 4201
  15. Pattern Falls 4201
  16. Ronin Mud 5000
  17. Apex Mush 4201
  18. Diversity Univ. 8888
  19. Evil! Mud 4201
  20. Cave Muck 2283

Just select an address and you will automatically telnet to it. (if your browser supports this)

This is just my top 20, I have a list of over 700, here it is in text format, I'm working on setting it up in a table format. (wish me luck (-; )

If you know of a mud that's not listed, please fill out this form... or If you want to vote for your favorite mud to be in my top 20, do the same but comment that it's a vote, and not one that isn't listed. Thanx.

Please give me your input!

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1) Please tell me the name and address of any mud you know of that's not listed (or any comments on this mudlist)

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If there are any problems with any of the above addresses, Please email me below.(Skeetre, the Webmaster)

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