Welcome to the Vanderbuilt Hills Mush!

Telnet to vhm.dynip.com port 1390

Welcome to the VHM, click where you wish to slide.

You're crazy person # to check out this map.

It's brand new, so come take a look and help me out... or wait and come back later when we've got her up and running properly. Anyone who can help me with mush coding Please do!

Go to the VHM Headquarters!
Where you can Register for a character online!

NEW!!! CONNECT to the VHM from netscape if you have Java Support!

VHM is a mush running on Pennmush version 1.6.10p6
It is running on a Pentium 133 with 24 megs of Ram. A 2.1 Gig WD hd. And Windows 95! You can get a copy of Pennmush at http://connexus.apana.org.au/~nick/win32mush.html Also check out http://pennmush.tinymush.org

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