You see an unique kitty that can never be found anywhere else, cause it is

me! ;


One unique thing you see about starkitty is that she has an ethereal aura.

She has an aura that sorta reminds you of the beautiful stars in

the sky :)

You see a white Siamese cat withspots of gray all over her body.

 Her head  has some brown in it, on the top. Her fur is very soft that

you can't resist petting her. Usually starkitty will be  found to be happy

or at least content. She will never do any harm to you, she is very

playful and friendly. Her teeth may gently gnaw on you, but she will

never bite hard enough to hurt you. Don't be afraid of her, she is a very

friendly and charming kitty, unlike  most cats. :) She loves people. Her

claws will touch you gently. This kitty looks up and smiles a bit, unlike

most cats. ;)

Not *just* a heavenly body, not *just* a furry feline, but it is me starkitty!

Starkitty's tail wags a big at you happily and she purrrrs contentedly.

starkitty (sex: female) is asleep.

Member: Counselors-R-Us

sign: please call me star or kitty for short, not sk. :)

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