Pink Floyd is my favorite band! Pink Floyd rules! I have every single major album released.

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A few Pink Floyd pages...

Alanis Morrisette section

I really like Alanis' new album, Jagged Little Pill, and so I put some links here that I found.

Alanis Links

There are new sites honouring Alanis popping up all over and I have borrowes the list below. Morissette's record label have some info at the official Reprise Records web site. However it isn't nearly as good as the many pages that have been put online by fans. Try Matt Carmichael's site for pictures and sounds from Jagged Little Pill. Then there's the Jagged Little Website for up to date information on Alanis going-ons.

One of the Internet's best sites is Addicted To Noise which covers the world music scene with articles, interviews and daily news in Music News of the World.

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